What are the services offered by professional Moving Services?

If you are looking for someone professional to help you with your move, you have probably already realized how diverse the offer is and the type of Moving Services offered.

Types of moving services:

Luckily, in New York, we have a host of great moving professionals. The services they offer range from helping you change apartments, to moving to any country in the world. You can take care of packing, renting the van, or simply not worrying about it completely because the company will take care of absolutely everything.

With such a variety of options on the market, you can plan an incredibly custom moving and storage project that is perfectly suited to your needs and your pocketbook.

Moving house:

It is the base moving services of most non-specialized moving companies. The normal thing is that a price is offered by the hour, although there are also companies that are capable of calculating by volume.

Office move:

Very similar to the previous one. Here the priority is usually to minimize the impact on the activity of the company, so it is usual to do it in the afternoons and/or on weekends. In that case, planning is vital.


Sometimes you cannot make the total move of your things. The best moving company has warehouses or storage areas where you can put all or part of your belongings while waiting to have your new home or office ready for you.

Packaging services:

If the weeks before your move, you have spent accumulating boxes to pack, you may have wasted your time. Not only do specialized moving companies have boxes and cardboard to spare and of all sizes. But they are more than used to packing ornaments, books, glasses, cutlery, even plants, with astonishing speed.

Thus, these are the main role of a professional Packers & Moverscompany.

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