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When you get ready to move, don’t go it alone! Our NYC Movers can handle your move, whether you’re moving across the street or from one borough to another one way across town!

Moving in the Big Apple can present special problems. There’s the constant traffic to deal with, then you have to figure out where to park in order to get everything out of the van and into your new home without getting a parking ticket. If you are moving from an apartment building to another, chances are you aren’t ground floor on both. Moving heavy furniture up several flights of stairs is strenuous and dangerous.

​All these factors are enough to drive anyone crazy!

Even if you are moving to a house in a suburb, we know how crowded the New York streets can be and how frustrating it can be to drive a moving truck or van through these streets if you’ve never done it before. As movers NYC locals trust, we are not only experts in packing and moving your things, but we are also safe, professional drivers who know this city like the back of our hand!

Moving from your current home to a new home means that you will have many things to do. Changing over the utilities, getting the kids enrolled in their new school and all the other tasks that you have to do personally can consume all your time and energy.

You shouldn’t have the added stress of worrying about when your personal belongings will make it to your new home – or what condition they will be in when they get there. That’s something you won’t have to worry about with the best NYC movers in town, TDY Moving and Storage! We’ll take the worry out of your residential move. You can be absolutely certain that everything arrives safely.

And if you don’t want to deal with packing everything before the move, call us to help with that as well! We can supply boxes and pack up your belongings if you are too busy or if you just want to make sure that nothing gets damaged during the move. Our movers are specially trained to pack all sorts of breakables and other fragile items so that they are not harmed in the moving process.

Some items are better off not being packed, but simply being moved ‘as is,’ such as clothing. We can show you some tips and tricks that will make your residential move easier and even quicker. If there are some items you’d like to haul yourself, we’re understanding of that. But, of course, if you want us to handle every piece of the moving puzzle, we can do that, too. Whatever you’re most comfortable with is what we’ll do!

​Most commonly, as NYC movers we do residential moves in Manhattan and Brooklyn, but we can also pack up your stuff and move it to your new home in the Bronx, on Staten Island, or Queens. We cover the entire New York City area for our residential customers’ convenience.

Residential movers need a lot of experience because you likely have a lot of eclectic items in your home. Most people do. From an expensive family heirloom to a killer surround sound stereo system, the items that you need to be moved should be handled very differently. Beds must be taken apart, and the mattresses can be used to cushion and reinforce other items, while furniture must be stacked in a certain way to keep from staining or ripping its upholstery during the move.

Our NYC movers have years of experience in residential moving, and we know exactly how to handle your belongings with care so that none of these precious belongings are damaged.

And speaking of experience, you won’t find another NYC moving company that takes more care in planning out every detail of your move. If we promise to have you moved by a certain day and time, we do not want to disappoint! Therefore, our planners will painstakingly plan out the route we will take on moving day, and they will troubleshoot beforehand in order to anticipate any delays that could occur.

When our TDY Moving and Storage arrives at your new home, they will take direction from you to know where you’d like boxes and larger items to be placed. Short of helping you decorate, our movers will comply with your requests to situate heavy things such as furniture so that you won’t have to do any heavy lifting once we are gone.

New York City has many great businesses that provide truly professional services. These NYC movers pride ourselves on being one of those businesses. To make sure you are getting the very best quality service, we recommend that you do a few things:

First, get quotes from 2 or 3 moving companies before you choose one. We will gladly come out to your home and give you an honest price estimate. We will also tell you, realistically, how long it should take for us to do your residential move. We guarantee that our estimates will compare with or beat any other mover in New York City!

Next, choose a residential moving company which is fully insured, like TDY. Our insurance covers any accidents that cause damage to your belongings or to you previous or future home. These types of accidents aren’t likely; in fact, we rarely have any cause to put our insurance to use, but it’s a responsible practice to have it, just in case. Insurance on our part keeps you from having any unexpected costs during the moving process.

Finally, check out reviews online, or ask friends and family if they have had any experiences with a mover in New York City. You will find that online reviews are very thorough and honest, so they can really help to guide your choice of mover. As NYC movers, we are proud of the reputation we have earned across all 5 of the NYC boroughs. Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Manhattan – anywhere you go, you’ll hear positive reviews about our service.

When you hire a professional moving company (like us), they will probably have some questions for you as well. A professional group of movers will want to know specifics about your move. When you call us, we will inquire about your new building – its hours of operation, special parking restrictions, and any times that are off limits for deliveries and move-ins.

We will also want to know what days your lease ends in one place and begins in the new home. That way, we can schedule your move so that it complies with both buildings’ deadlines, while we also make sure that we have enough time to do your residential move and any others that come up around the same days.

Moving is not an enjoyable experience for most home owners or renters. Even though you may be excited about your new home or glad to be leaving the old one, you probably aren’t looking forward to the actual move. We are here to help!

You may think that moving is something you want to tackle on your own, thinking that there’s no reason to ‘waste’ money on a professional moving service. If you live alone and haven’t accumulated all that much stuff during your time in your current place, that might be true.

However, even if you are only moving yourself, once you start pulling everything out to pack, you might be surprised at exactly how much you have to move. And don’t even get us started on moving a whole family! Children’s toys and other necessary items can take up a whole lot of space and be a pain in the neck to pack up and move.

​Why not save yourself the hassle and let our NYC movers do it?

We can pack everything efficiently so that there isn’t any wasted space on the truck. This will minimize the number of trucks we need to use and the amount trips we have to make to get your residential move done. These key factors will save you money in the long run, so we do our best to keep your cost low.

This NYC moving service knows that you are looking for a combination of value and experience in your residential mover, and that’s just what we’ll provide! Remember, when you are gathering estimates, price is not the only factor to consider.

​We are well-aware that a very low price does look attractive, but how much will the other guys really end up costing you? If there are hidden fees, it could end up being way more than even your highest estimate. And if it really is a no-surprises low price, you have to consider whether or not the company has the experience and expertise to take care of your dearly loved possessions the way we would. Some items have sentimental value which no amount of money can replace.

​Don’t trust your residential move to anyone else in New York City. For all your moving questions concerning moves in any of the boroughs or suburbs of this great city, call us today!
Hey, fellow NYC Resident or neighbor! Are you moving within New York City, Brooklyn, any of the 5 Boroughs or the Tri state area? Maybe you’re even looking to move out of NYC entirely! Does the idea of moving scare the daylight out of you? Just thinking about packing up our entire life into boxes can be a stressful thought. That’s why we believe it is our absolute mission at TDY Moving and Storage to not only move you locally within NYC or move you out of New York state, but to make you feel at ease throughout the process of us carefully packing and moving you to your new location. Whether it’s just a simple local move within NYC or a more delicate move with potential complications, rest assured we’ve got you covered! We have over 20+ years’ experience in the Moving and Storage industry, and our good name reputation speaks for itself. From our accommodating management, to our genuine in house estimators to our friendly and professional movers, we strive to give moving a stress free feeling. We specialize in Commercial Moving, Local Moving, Residential Moving, Long Distance Moving, Packing of delicate artwork, and just about every other aspect of the moving industry. Our trained professionals are here to take the load of moving off your back, literally!

We are highly rated online, proud of our positive reviews and satisfied clients. Don’t just take our word for it- check us out on Yelp, Google, Home Advisor, Angie’s List and Facebook!

Give us a call to book a free consultation, or in home virtual estimate. Whether you just need moving advice, tips, moving coordination & general planning, etc. call us during normal business hours so one of TDY’s moving specialists can help guide you to making the right choice. Our advice, make the right choice- choose TDY Moving and Storage!

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