Essential tips if you are going to change your house:

For all those who, after this infinite quarantine, have thought that perhaps we should move to another place, we bring you these essential tips if you are going to change house. It is not an exhaustive list, far from it. However, do not stop reading it before embarking on an activity – moving – much more complicated and strenuous than it seems.

– Find a professional Moving Services team and book in advance. We know, we all want to save money. We all believe that this move is going to be very simple… Well, it is not.

Those who have not done it before, do not know how complicated it is. Even if you move upstairs, we are talking about hours and hours of work.

– Get rid of everything you haven’t used in a long time. Admit it, you haven’t used that guitar for a thousand years, without reading those books, without wearing that dress.

The most normal thing is that you do not do it again. Donate those things, sell them at a garage sale or give them to your friends. Transporting things that you will not use again is a waste of time and will cost you money since professionals usually charge by volume.

– If you take your furniture with you, please check that it will fit in your new home. If they don’t fit, go to the previous point.

– Plan your move-in date. Deplete your pantry, leave the refrigerator without food. You don’t want to have to carry food, especially food that needs cold. Order food delivery in the last days before moving in.

– Money and jewelry better go with you. If you use a professional Moving Company and they offer you insurance, these things are probably not covered.

Keep your important documents (contract of sale or rental of your new house, for example) in a specific box. The invoices and contracts of your moving professionals are also important. They better go with you like money and jewels.

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