Our Commitment Remains: Your Update from TDY Moving

These are unprecedented times during the COVID-19 pandemic. The State of NY has placed an executive order where only essential businesses, would be authorized to operate until further notice. Movers have been classified in the “essential” category and we are completely operational.

It is important for us here at TDY Moving to keep you up to speed while rules and regulations keep constantly changing by the day. We are closely monitoring Coronavirus updates daily. Our top priority is the safety of our employees and clients.

We are very grateful to our staff of movers, drivers and estimators who arrive at work and continue to provide the same great level of customer service, despite all odds.

Some of the precautions we have implemented into our structure is as follows:

• We have broken up our office into sections with dividers to ensure the continued safety of our on-site office staff with social distancing.

• We are offering to virtually walk through your home/office with you via video chat, showing us what you need doneso we can provide you with an accurate estimate.

• Employees’ temperatures are checked daily, any employee showing possible symptoms will be sent home until cleared by a medical professional.

• Cleaning protocols have been put into effect by disinfecting our trucks every day.

• Movers will be equipped with the necessary PPE to complete your move as efficiently as possible while ensuring the safety of everyone.

These are tough times, and we are proud to help persevere through this period with you, keeping positive and maintaining the top notch service we have always strived to achieve!

COVID-19 Resources:

Guidance on NYS Executive Order 202.6 – Guidance for determining essential businesses
American Moving & Storage Association – Guidance for people moving
NYS Department of Health
Coronavirus.gov – Specific resources and guidance for travelers, households, pregnant women, small business owners etc.

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